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Sum Moxie is your finance department resource with an array of bookkeeping solutions for entrepreneurs and small business owners in Duluth and surrounding areas.

Susan offers efficient services that take the worry and stress out of running your business, giving you peace of mind.

Once all services are completed your books are guaranteed to be precise and comply with IRS guidelines.

Imagine your financials ready to send to your accountant knowing that all the numbers are accurate and properly accounted for at year-end.

Sum Moxie streamlines your financial operations cutting down on accountant visits… a huge financial saving for any small business owner.

Contact me NOW to chat about all your financial needs.

Start now with our consulting service and grow your business

Initial Consultation Package

The Initial Consultation Package is for all new clients, so we can determine the scope of services desired.

It is crucial to have a solid financial foundation when it comes to growing your business. This meeting is vital to understanding the process, expectations and level of involvement to complete the work needed.

Based on your specific financial needs, values, and goals we will determine our course of action.

Financial Controller Package

The Financial Controller Package is for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to build a sustainable business with numbers they can count on.

Susan looks beneath the surface and beyond the obvious, applying intuition, critical analysis and a perceptive understanding of human behavior to obtain a true picture of key events, transactions and business dealings.

An internal examination of QuickBooks that discovers discrepancies affecting your accounts.

•Investigate Errors
•Verify Entries
•Reconcile Accounts
•Evaluate Contracts
•Resolve Collections
•Customize QB Lists
•Suggest New Systems
•Develop Procedures

Prices start from $285 

Account Monitoring Package

The Account Monitoring Package is for clients who want insight into their financial success and goals.

Susan oversees your financials and provides you with reports that track your progress.

A watchful eye to look over your books and review company reports, either monthly or quarterly.

•Review Reports
•Verify Balances
•Address Concerns
•Revenue + Budget Planning
•Refine QB Lists
•Examine Systems
Prices start from $250 

Add On Services