Sum Moxie realizes no two businesses are the same and specializes in looking after your accounts so you can focus on the business you love.

Susan takes on new challenges and pursues results that are in the best interest of her clients.

She has a reputation for meticulous accounting entries and strives to teach others how to make wise financial decisions within their business.

FUN FACTS: Susan like Agatha Christie, Albert Einstein, Barbara Corcoran, Bill Gates, Erin Brockovich, Henry Ford, Selma Hayek, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, and Will Smith learned their dyslexia was an asset to their business.

A Sample of Our Clientele

Business Speakers
Event Planners
Health and Wellness Providers
Life and Business Coaches
Marketing and Branding Agencies
Property Management Companies

Real Results

SITUATION:Company books, procedures, collections and contracts in question
RESULT:Corrected, organized and collected monies totaling $92,911
SITUATION:Investor buyout lawsuit
RESULT:Prepared findings and documents for client attorneys, client received a settlement 10 times original amount offered
SITUATION:Inefficient bookkeeping and office procedures
RESULT:Created and implemented new procedures saving $10,652
SITUATION:Employee made several unauthorized purchases with company funds totaling over $5,000
RESULT:Employee terminated with cause
SITUATION:Vendor contract of five years up for renewal
RESULT:Renegotiated for a savings of over $15,000